Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Racism in America

Ever since President Carter gave expression to what many of us already knew, there's been a firestorm of overanalysis (in my view) on the TV machine.

Setting aside the hideous historical narrative of racism in the U.S., this latest eruption is not that complicated to understand. President Obama lost the white vote by 12 percentage points, a demographic landslide. Of the 60,000 or so 9/12 protesters in D.C. (the lunatic Beck claims they numbered 1.7 million -- Fox network is an utterly shameful grab bag of liars and racists), many carried hideously racist signs.

A majority of white Southerners do not believe our President was born in the U.S.

That's an ignorant racist attitude.

A significant number of whites openly admitted they could not vote for a black candidate.

That's racism.

Despite the right wing propaganda that the 9/12 protesters represent "America" -- an increasingly multicultural nation -- the crowd was white, whiter, and whitest.

And their signs were dark, ugly, ignorant, and racist.

Bottom line: There's a certain fringe element of white America that will never accept a black president. Are they in the single digits or low double digits ... who knows?

In a word, the only solution to this abominable attitude is EDUCATION.

But racism in America won't be erased overnight, if ever. I give it at least two generations for this dark stain to be cleansed from the American soul.

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