Friday, July 10, 2009

Yahoo's Demographic: 70% YAHOOS!

Seen on the Yahoo main page today:

I dropped the following comment in their electronic suggestion box for comments on how to "improve" their service:

Re: Judge Sotomayor confirmation survey

Do you realize that 70% of your users (or those who answered the survey) are ignorant YAHOOS? Is this something you people are particularly proud of? Just wondering … I don't know why such numbers surprise me, but they do. I suggest you post a follow-up survey:

"Have any of the 70% (morons) who voted not to confirm Judge Sotomayor actually READ any of her decisions?


- NO

- I'm a YAHOO (functionally illiterate); I just vote as I'm told"

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PatEsposisto said...

Hahaha. Ooh, brutal. Good for you.