Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No More Excuses

Does John Cornyn know something we don't? Because that's the message he sent out after Al Franken finally won his seat and his day in court. Clearly, Repug Sen. Cornyn is counting on the Dems reverting to their historic spineless form, hence his mocking challenge. What's he got to lose?

The truth is, the Democratic Party shouldn't be cowed by Cornyn's trash talking, simply because Cornyn happens to be right in this instance.

Elections have consequences. The Democrats have a SUPERMAJORITY in the United States Senate for the first time in a generation. The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled, Norm Coleman has conceded, and Mr. Franken goes to Washington ... AT LAST.

Sixty votes. Count 'em, 60: SIX-ZERO.

Got that, President Obama? Got that, Harry Reed? Excuse my French, but SCREW THE REPUBLICANS. (No more than they're screwing themselves, anyway.)

Time to pass Healthcare reform, RE-REGULATE WALL STREET, and start implementing a green energy economy.

Is there reason to be optimistic? Sadly NO, not as long as there are six or seven ConservaDem DINOS tiptoeing through the tulips in the Senate, while President Obama persists in his tired appeals to "bipartisanship" only to have the Repugnants slam his policies like a piƱata.

Time to stand and deliver, Mr. President -- if you must, make the jellyfish in the Democratic Party GROW A SPINE.

Obama-Be-Bobby. We'll see.

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