Thursday, May 28, 2009

HELLO: Shout-Out to the 44% of Women Who Didn't Vote Obama

Have you heard what the white males in your party/paranoiac ideology of choice have been saying about Sonia Sotomayor, the distinguished judge nominated by President Obama to the Supreme Court? Parenthetically, she’s a woman and happens to be a Latina -– should that matter? Anyway, these troglodytes opposed Judge Sotomayor on no issues of substance. Instead, they’ve resorted to juvenile name-calling:

- racist

- reverse racist (presumably flashier, sort of like a reverse layup)

- bigot (projection, projection)

- lacks intellectual heft (never mind that she graduated with honors from Princeton, SECOND in her class!)

- name is too hard to pronounce (excuse me??)

- choice of food may influence her decisions (EXCUSE ME?!?)

- is temperamental (would that be once a month?)

- is Obama’s Harriet Miers (yeah, right … )

- activist judge (Ooo, look out white hoodsters, here comes the wild-eyed “activist” Latina judge!)

- has empathy (OMG!! Um, “Poppy” Bush sold Thomas as someone with “empathy”…)

No shit. This is all true, it’s been said by wingers gone wild in the last few days about Judge Sotomayor since her nomination to the Supreme Court. Precious little has been said about her actual record, mostly by progressives (trans: adults) somewhat concerned about her position on Roe.

It’s worth repeating here, that one of the benefits Barack Obama’s election has had is to expose the true colors, the dark, depraved, decadent underbelly of right wing opposition arrayed against him and us. These people don’t represent America any more than Hitler represents Germany or the Ku Klux Klan is a social club.

Remember, ladies, all 44% of you misguided souls who did not vote for President Obama: Judge Sotomayor has done all of you a HUGE favor; she’s become a foil for conservative white male frustrations boiling over ... and boil over, they have!

PssT … if you have an independent mind, this is what your first dudes, your SOs, really. Think. About. YOU.


I'm Not Ned said...

I've also heard her called "the definition of affirmative action"!

Could they have mistaken her for Judge Thomas? (Assuming that to them all non-whites look alike)

It's becoming an interesting little game. At each Obama step the Repubes stoop ever lower trying to gain any traction possible. I think they are picking up a few votes from the Aryan Nations crowd. Hope that works well for them.

PatEsposisto said...

Have they ever had any solid arguments about anything?

Okay, snippy generalization there, but that's the kind of unconsidered, reactive response that's being used.