Thursday, April 30, 2009

Alex, may I have "Blowholes" for $1000?

I was listening for just a minute to the drug-addled gasbag while out at lunch. He was ripping into the president's Churchill reference last night about how the Brits didn't torture. The blowhole pulled out a National Geographic story about how the British gave captured German spies an option--hanging or helping. Rush proceeded to tell his dimwitted followers, and I paraphrase, "See! They threatened to HANG them! That's surely worse than anything we did that they are calling torture!"

Good Lord.

Rush, the operative word here is captured SPIES. Not "detainees," not POWs but SPIES. Doesn't EVERYONE know that spying during wartime is a capital offense? This wasn't "torture"--it was a plea bargain.

Now I don't know if the British tortured or not, not my field. Since I DON'T know I won't comment on the underlying accuracy. However, whether Obama's statement is factually accurate or not is irrelevant as to Limbaugh's shallow and ridiculous attempt to mislead his room-temp IQ band of believers.

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I'm Not Ned said...

The short answer: The US Government has prosecuted people for water boarding.