Monday, March 23, 2009

Musical Plea to President Obama: Why not the BEST?

Dear Mr. President:

Why haven't you enlisted the PEOPLE'S ECONOMIST, Paul Krugman, to take a prominent position in your team of minor economic luminaries?

-- Is it that Lawrence Summers and "Slim" Tim Geithner are such insiders -- Geithner under Summers with Clinton, who signed the Republican banking deregulation that got us into this mess in the first place -- that only those so contaminated by the crisis know how to get us out of it? Does anyone get this perverse logic? Perhaps you'll explain it to us tomorrow night, Mr. President, that is, if those sheep in the WH Press corps will ask the question.

-- Is it a Harvard-Princeton thing? Stupid Ivy League turf jealousies (Summers was a Harvard president) like the jerks who feel entitled to office by virtue of membership in the sexist, fascist, juvenile Yale Skull and Bones fraternity where GWB learned the virtues of alcoholism and prankish irresponsible behavior of the type that got us into the Iraq war? What happened to all that scripture stuff about "childish things" being over?

-- Or is Paul Krugman overqualified by dint of his Nobel Prize in economics?

Or maybe it's plain spiteful pettiness because Professor Krugman continues to RIP Geithner's economic schemes. Any administration with Rham Emanuel in a position of prominence could get a lot of that.

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