Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition.....No it isn't.

I had a surreal experience today. I actually encountered a Glenn Beck fan in another forum. It's somewhat like the giant squid. You know they exist but they are rarely seen in their natural habitat. I will mention no names or identifying features of the individual, however.

First of all, I assume you're familiar with Glenn Beck. If not, take a Klansman, a woman hater and someone who has suffered traumatic head injuries, blend them up and give them a microphone and you have Glenn Beck.

This began with some claptrap he was circulating, his "principles." I won't honor them with a reference, suffice it to say that it was a mishmash of truisms, nonsense and right-wing talking points. The Beck fan, though, began this bizarre defense, that we had to "respect" him because he had made something out of himself despite being a drunk. OK, we start with a bigoted, lying, misogynistic douchebag who is a drunk, take away the drunk and what's left?

He/she tried the old wingnut canard of saying that I feel that way about people I "disagree" with. First of all, tell that to the Mrs., she would be fascinated. And of course, it's patently untrue. Right off the top I can tell you that I LOVE to listen to Pat Buchanan. I don't agree with a thing he says, but he's bright, he doesn't make stuff up like Beck and he's intellectually honest.

Anyway, I gave the Beck fan a list of quotes and the source so he/she could see what a miscreant he is. The response--classic. I'm not going to read those because my mind is made up. Alex, may I have cognitive dissonance for $1000?

The kicker though were comments on their site complaining about my "name calling." True, I called Glenn Beck a moron and other things, but said nothing about the individual involved in the discussion. Yet his/her hero Beck does nothing BUT call names.

Again, the remarkable thing is how these wingers need to be told what to do. They can't think for themselves.


Lula O said...

I'm totally with you here. You should've seen my site during the election. It was just like that, almost every time I posted. It gave me angina. I had to take a break for a few weeks. Seriously, I have to be careful now my bp gets so high. Of course, I bring it on myself, but what to do...oh well.

I'm Not Ned said...

Give Glenn Beck a break. Last year he suffered serious brain trauma during a hemorrhoid operation.

Becks' crowd consists mainly of the ones unable to keep up with Rush's fast pace.

If you need to verify is credibility and accuracy check him out at MediaMatters.

This begs the real question; hack or tool?


jimbow8 said...

On a board that I belong to we have a rule about ad hominem attacks: "Attack the argument, not the person." Of course, "the person" refers to the person you are arguing with, public figures, etc, are fair game.

I'd be interested in how this guy refers to people like Obama, Pelosi, Franken, etc. I'm sure he NEVER resorts to name-calling. [ /sarcasm ]

Beck always seemed like O'Reilly lite to me. Hack AND tool, indeed.

The Hansen Family said...

I bet you are a very unhappy guy most of the time. Stressed out too! You need to relax a little and quit with the negative attitude towards so many people. I find it interesting that you care so much about what other people think. Just talk about what needs to happen to make our world a better place. I also find it interesting that you have to approve your comments on your site. I think most intelligent people would be willing to listen to all points of view and all comments without having to edit comments about what people think. Isn't that what a political blog is for. Are you that close minded! Just Listen. You don't have to agree with them just try and listen and then disagree without the fighting. Isn't that how are world is so filled with hate.

Peter said...

I publish all comments. We have comment moderation on only for spam control. I have never failed to publish a legitimate comment. I accidentally deleted one yesterday, which I regret, but anyone who wants to comment is free to do so.

And as per your bet--you'd lose.

Hansen Family said...

That is just the feeling I get when I read your blog. I did not mean your private life was unhappy. You just seem a little too negative for my taste when talking to people about their opinions. It almost seems degrading and not respectful of others. Just disagree and be done with it. Let them know you disagree with out the bantering back and forth. The world really can be a place without negativity if we try!

Perfectly Frank said...

I can't think of anything that would promote the progressive cause more than for there to be assembled a collection of photos of the mouth-breathing Beck fans. You know a guy is WAAAY out there when being a Mormon is the most normal thing about him!

Peter said...

Frank, you're comments are welcome but knock off the religious stuff.

Lula O said...

Hansen family -

If you get unhappy feelings while reading this blog, or any other blog for that matter (Are you the illusive sister-in-law Becky?), then perhaps you shouldn't read it. Nobody is forcing you to look upon these pages. Why don't you stick with people's opinions that are your own ("positive") instead of others who might disagree with you ("negative"), because apparently that's the difference here. Everything is "negative" unless it mirrors your opinions, and you feel the need to counsel those that don't share your exact thoughts.

I don't happen to feel that way. Contrary to what you must think, we are not unhappy because we don't like Glenn Beck, Rush, or any other yaa-hoo of the sort. A difference of opinion is simply that, a difference of opinion. That's all. So from now on, kindly turn your moral radar in another direction, and allow people to think as they may.

Hansen Family said...

Contrary to what you might think of me Lula I really don't have an opinion about Glen Beck at all. I now nothing about the guy and don't pretend to. It just bothered me how so many negative comments are being thrown around about anyone. How does that help anyone to be a better person. Oh, tell them they suck and boost their self esteem that way. Just does not make sense to me. I don't believe I have said anything is bad
about agreeing or disagreeing with anyone's ideas in these blogs. Just stop being so dang mean. And you are right I will stop reading this blog because I do believe people can have differences in opinions without being so hateful and I will not find that here. I have no problem with people having different opinions, I do have a problem when they begin to use such hateful words and try to make people they don't agree with seem less than you or stupid and their opinion obviously should not matter. Thanks for opening my eyes. I try to keep my life positive and optimistic not focus on cutting other people down constantly. Oh and who the heck is Becky?

Lula O said...

Ah, once again, the judgmental, self-righteous moral police car has left the station. Perhaps you can start your own political blog and keep it parked there.

Hansen Family said...

That just must be a high for you to put other people down. Is that your drug of choice!! Again I think you and I could actually agree on many things but you have me pegged before you even know a single thing about me. I know nothing about you. Stop rushing the bashing!

Hansen Family said...

Oh and I forget I did not get the memo where it said having morals is a bad thing.

Bryce and Mandy said...

And how is telling someone they must be an unhappy person not a negative comment. Hmm... sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me.

Rousing Rabble said...

Oklahoma and Utah... enough said

I'm Not Ned said...

Hansen Family, I agree that having morals is a great thing!

After years of supporting a conservative, fiscally sound Republican party line I had to turn my back on what is now a morally corrupt group. Look at the people, not the words, and see how they treat their own marriages. Listen to how they repeat known lies as truth until enough people believe. Understand their beliefs on human rights, individual rights and corporate rights.

There's a lot of smugness amongst liberals and Democrats but I'd rather deal with that than lies, deception and pettiness.

Back to Glenn Beck, for the most part his words are untrue. Follow his career from the years before CNN to today and you can see he starts out pushing the envelope of being honest and reporting truth as fact and has now gone off into lala land. He fabricates issues to fit his ideals. He's a lie in casual wear. Where is the moral ground in that?

Yes, it would be nice if everyone were positive about everything. But eventually one person will step off that path. When they slap you in the face you can turn the other cheek. Then the other cheek gets slapped so turn again. Eventually you'll find yourself turning the other cheek so fast you are shaking your head "no". Now you've become negative but also beat up.

Why not tell them "no" before they beat you up? That's a positive step.

Hansen Family said...

Touche" to Bryce and Mandy, Perhaps I should practice what I preach. Thanks for the reality check!

Hansen Family said...

I'm Not Ned:

While I agree with some of what you said in the last comment I do feel that you can find moral injustices in all parties. I don't believe you can say that all republicans are morally corrupt and one cannot say the same about all democrats as well. I tend to feel there really is no "morally noncorrupt" group out there. Each group has its own shortcomings. Saying "no" is a big part of not being beat up I agree. Good point. I really have not comment on what you have said about Glen Beck. Don't know enough about him to make any comments either way.

I'm Not Ned said...

I agree Hansen Family, not all Republicans are morally corrupt. Most of the followers of the republican party are morally sound. The leaders of the republican party and the republicans in power for the previous 8 years are morally corrupt.

Is torture corrupt? Lying? Diverting funds from schools and kids health and sending it to your VPs company that relocated to Dubai to avoid taxes and the law, is that corrupt?

What's not corrupt about selling your soul to the Devil?

Yes, of course there are corrupt democrats. Blago and Bush's team will be smoking turds in Hell for their behavior. That's what the morally corrupt get for their hard work.

You can also be morally corrupted by falling for the lies that convince you to support evil corrupt people and their evil corrupt ideals.

So the die-hards that still pray to the Bush/Cheney ticket every morning and lament the changing of the Executive letterhead have been corrupted.

Mission Accomplished.

And don't blame the Sitting/Thinking crew for my drivel, I, like you, am just using their bandwidth.

Peter said...

I'm Not Ned, you never give us drivel. You are a valuable part of the team.