Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We're ****ed and a long way from home...

RR, Doc you've seen this but...we are screwed royally by this mess.

A "special election," while desirable, is also problematic. First you have to get the state legislature to pass something (and have it survive constitutional challenges, changing the rules during the game). Then of course THE GOVERNOR has to sign it. He can sit on it for sixty days before vetoing it, and then it goes back to the legislature for an override vote. From there the mechanisms have to gear up, nominating petitions, primaries, etc. We're going to the beach in Michigan before any voting happens.

And the Illinois attorney general is talking up a challenge via the state supreme court. The state supremes would be a real stretch. The court under Rule 382 can consider a motion on "the ability of the Governor to serve or resume office" but that seems pretty clearly aimed at physical/mental incapacitation, not mere soullessness.

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I'm Not Ned said...

The US Senate can always reject the credentials of the appointed Senator. That could leave Illinois short until Milo Blago gives up or gets locked up.

It's pretty clear that the Senate would never seat Blago if he appointed himself. The best solution for Blago, the State of Illinois and the future Senator is for Blago to ask Obama for his recommendation and then nod his head and say, "That's who it will be then".

That is the only way this story goes away and we can start ignoring the rest of the news while we await the trial.