Sunday, December 28, 2008

See below, re: conspiracy theories

So we have less than a month of Bushocracy left to endure. Israel grossly over-responds in criminal fashion to attacks from within Lebanon. Hmmm, one last chance at "glory" for Der Chimpenfuhrer as they use Israeli surrogates to provoke the conflict with Iran they've been seeking? Crazy I know, but just how crazy?

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I'm Not Ned said...

I believe all the rockets (150+)Hamas has launched originated in Gaza, not Lebanon.

Not sure about this one... Yes it's a grotesque over-reaction, but the Hamas militants are STILL launching rockets into civilian areas. Israel is targeting militant positions.

Israel could sit on their hands and show restraint. The result would be a huge public outcry and uprising against all Palestinian people as well as the call for a more militant government. If the government doesn't respond aggressively the people will.

Yes, only a few Israelis have died compared to over 300 in Gaza.

The real issue is that the cease fire was allowed to laps just for this purpose.

Is Bush involved? Doubt it. His crew is on the legacy tour. Bush retired right after the bank bailout: "Mission Accomplished, I'm goin' home."