Friday, September 19, 2008

Wow, she's dumb

On CNN's Political Ticker, there's a story about Sarah Palin's arguments that she should run the country because she's an energy expert.

“And maybe if [Obama]’d been the governor of an energy-rich state, he’d get it."

Now, Barack Obama has never been the governor of any state, but we'll ignore that part. What we can notice is that Palin has no grasp on anything other than what's in her tiny little 5 colleges in 6 years mind, and that is that Illinois is actually an energy-rich state. Illinois is number one in terms of nuclear capacity (and hence McCain's lines about how Obama ignores nuclear power are absurd - actually, he haas been influenced by the nuclear lobby plenty of times) and 9th out of 28 states in coal production.

Man, I hate facts.

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Steve said...

For the record, the most recent Department of Energy data on states' total energy production ranks Alaska 14th and Illinois at 17th. If Alaska is energy-rich, then Illinois sure is. Official DOE statistics are on this site. The state data table is here.