Thursday, September 11, 2008


Olbermann says it pretty well here, using big words and sentences and stuff. And I've written about 9/11 in this space before. I have neither the energy nor the interest in dragging up all that venom again. There's an eight week old boy who drains the energy from me (no, he's not a vampire) and who is far more interesting than anything the giggling murderer or any of his band of merry Constitution-raping war criminals can do. On the other hand, I cannot let another year of exploiting tragedy for personal gain and squandering an unasked-for but nonetheless real opportunity to actually make the world a better place without delivering this message to those who have spent the last seven years driving this country into the abyss, and to those who cheer on the insane, cackling Bus Driver of Doom, and to those who sit by passively and do nothing:

Fuck You.

Oh, and to Johnny Boy, who knows how to get Bin Laden but is apparently waiting until he's president so that he can get the glory? I hope President Barack Obama sends you overseas so that you can get freedom tickled by our operatives in Albania until you give up your secret on how to defend this country, you sick lying pathetic bastard.

end venom

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