Thursday, September 04, 2008

Good point

The GOP hypocrisy continues to be stunning at times. I tried to watch some of the proceedings last night, but since every time I flipped over something nauseating was going on, I stopped. But I did see the stories and read some of the excerpts. The SCLM and (obviously) the right wing loved that she didn't throw up on herself, that she can read a speech from a teleprompter and do a credible job at it, and that she can deliver attack lines. Of course, she fell short of actually either telling thr truth or having something to say regarding policy, but we all know that it's really the democrats who have no policies, right, Senator John (this campaign isn't about issues) McCain?

Anyway, over at Sadly, No!, they raised a good point: "They overplayed the ‘community organizer’ slam. The party that wants to shrink government says service outside of government is worthless? The only service worth anything is as an agent of the state? The Dems need to start talking up community work, church work, charity work, volunteering to coach youth sports, etc. Palin and McCain say Little League coaches and scout leaders and food drive volunteers aren’t doing anything useful?"

On the one hand, everything the government does is screwed up, and we should depend on ourselves, each other, and local resources to fix any problems, but on the other, anyone doing that has no responsibilities and is worthy of ridicule? It's good that the Bush presidency set the precedent of never answering questions that weren't pre-screened, because that would doom these clowns.


I'm Not Ned said...

I like how the RNC has found a fresh faced outsider who already:

1. has ties to Abramoff
2. is under investigation for ethics violations
3. left a small town with huge debt
4. enacted the largest budget in Alaskan history
5. tried to ban books from the library and fired the librarian
6. can't keep her own sexual conduct in line with what she forces on others.
7. oh yeah, and her "big moment" speech was written by Bush speech writer Matt Scully,

Sounds like the only change in the RNC is McCain's Depends. At least I hope that's changed.

I'm Not Ned said...

More hypocrisy.

McCain publicly claimed that Palin sold the Alaskan Governors jet on EBay for a profit as part of her cleaning up corruption.

That's a lie and it runs pretty deep.

The plane was posted on EBay but did NOT sell. Repube speaker of the Alaskan House, John Harris, brokered a deal to sell the plan to Larry Reynolds at a loss of about one half million dollars.

Here's the catch: Reynolds, the guy who got a bargain on the jet, contributed to BOTH the Harris campaign and the Palin Gov. campaign.


Sorry for yelling.

drmagoo said...

I'm not ned -

1) Thanks for continuing to read, even after a long hiatus.

2) You are completely right. Anyone paying enough attention to the hypocrisy just couldn't vote GOP, could they?

I'm Not Ned said...


I would love to have a conservative Republican to vote for!

I'd love to see a true old-school republican, the kind that want's to minimize government, not create more gov to interfere with personal issues like sexual orientation, education or reproduction.

I'd love to see a real conservative that knows what FISCAL CONSERVATISM IS ABOUT!!!

Real Republicans don't colonize/occupy foreign countries. Real conservatives don't hire private armies. Real republicans understand the REAL meaning of separation of church and state!

Real conservatives want to conserve our resources and expand our economy with new technology and opportunity.

Real conservatives know that putting Americans to work means Americans can actually buy the products they make.

Trickle down economics is anti-American because the trickle is our economy draining out our borders.

At this point Obama/Biden could be seven legged purple cows from Planet 10 and I still couldn't bring myself to vote for McCain/Palin.

Dear God, either help us or send a really nasty plague. Either way, do it quick.

Oh yeah, I've missed reading your updates. Hope all is well. I myself am doing better now that I can rant again.