Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tonight, I am proud to be a DEMOCRAT

Our party has FINALLY assured the nomination of the antidote for what ails the United States...


drmagoo said...

Whoo hoo! About time.

Thanks for the new post, RR.

I'm Not Ned said...


This is the closest we've come to having a Real Republican (tm) run for the office in over thirty years.

Now if we can keep Bush's grandpa from stealing the election... Somebody keep an eye on Rove. Or better yet, lock him up.

Lifehiker said...

I really like Obama & I've sent him money.

The big question...can Obama build a powerful cabinet and keep them on message as well as he has with his campaign team? As much as we like the democrats in congress, they are a bunch of unruly cats that need some coralling.

I hoping that Obama can keep speaking directly to the country and not have to pay off too many congressmen and senators in order to make progress. Those folks are almost as bad as the lobbyists, as he no doubt understands very well.