Monday, April 14, 2008

Paging Grizzly Adams

We had one of the snowiest winters on record, and now floods (my par 3 golf course is COMPLETELY under water). But beyond weather weirdness, we have critter oddities. In the last month I have seen several of these in town, the gray one below was in the library parking lot and at the commuter train station, the red one in front of my house.

But today took the cake. Reports to keep pets inside and a close eye on small children because of several sightings of one of these on the north shore:

Hello, I'm not Grizzly Adams? Coyotes? Cougars?

The coyote was interesting, and basically harmless, and the foxes are just cool. But a ****ing COUGAR?


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schmidlap said...

What's more dangerous: cougar on the run in residential neighborhood, or panicked cops wildly firing dozens of rounds in pursuit of same.