Monday, March 10, 2008

Maybe I'll stop going out to lunch

Last week, when I went out to lunch, gas was $3.05. When I came back, it was $3.25.

While there was a store brand that was cheaper, in my local Jewel, the Dean's milk was $4.01 a gallon.

Groceries, fuel, the necessities of life are becoming too expensive while jobs are evaporating around us. Welcome to Potterville.


drmagoo said...

That's why I laugh every time the GOP tells us that people would freak out if we added a 10 cent per gallon tax in order to fund research and infrastructure for renewable energy sources. Gas prices fluctuate more than that on the whim of some rich guy in Saudi Arabia. The same argument applies to saving 10 cents a gallon after destroying ANWR.

jimbow8 said...

Often people forget that EVERY item they buy has transportation costs which are affected by gas prices.

And I just love that oil prices aren't controlled by supply/demand but by what some people predict oil might cost in the future.

schmidlap said...

But isn't predicting the price of oil in the future part of supply and demand?

Believe this: speculators may move prices here and there. But the fundamentals, like the fact that every gallon we pump out of the ground makes one less that's down there FOREVER, really drive the market.

Oil's going up because more is needed every day to sustain economic growth (demand) and because there is a finite amount to start with (supply).

Oh, and because it's priced in dollars, and dollars are approaching Monopoly money territory...