Thursday, February 14, 2008

Things Hillary's campiagn is doing that piss me off

General caveat - do I think that Hillary Clinton would be an awful president? No. She might even be good. But her campaign is based on sound Republican thinking - divide and conquer, squeeze every possible advantage out of the system, and do whatever it takes to win. There are some who like that style of campaigning, believing that it's what it will take to beat the GOP. Of course, that's the same logic as why we torture and destroy the Constitution and all that, and I just can't take it anymore.

1) I'll try to use small words as much as possible here: Florida and Michigan don't count. They can't. At some point, can't we all just agree that when there's rules, we, y'know, follow them? If the Sunshine and Mitten states want to have another election in March or April, they can play kingmakers then, but as for what's already happened, I'm having none of it. The Democratic leadership in both states knew the rules and consequences and made their choices anyway. Obviously, they thought one of two things would happen - either one candidate would run away with the nomination, they'd get seated out of "generosity", and in 2012 they'd have their slot in the process reserved, or it would be a fight, and someone would use the whole "disenfranchisement" argument, they'd get seated, etc. NO. I'm tired of this crap.

2) Everywhere Obama wins isn't insignificant or irrelevant. He's winning all over the country by large margins. Here is the data (from Kos):
Idaho +62
DC +51
Alaska +50
Kansas +48
Washington +37
Georgia +36
Nebraska +36
Colorado +35
Minnesota +35
Illinois +32
South Carolina +32
Virginia +29
North Dakota +24
Maryland +23
Louisiana +21
Maine +19
Utah +18
Alabama +14
Delaware +10
Iowa +9
Connecticut +4
Missouri +1

So, in the irrelevant states, he's won by an irrelevant average of 28.5%. Mark Penn can bite me. Oh, and one more tip, Mark - the next time you're on TV, comb your frickin' hair. You look like a slob.

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I'm Not Ned said...

Nice post Doc and I agree.

From my perspective it seems there is one Dem (Obama) and one Repub (Paul) running for their party's nomination.

Odd that so many Dems and Repubs don't see that.

Maybe the Repubs hate Clinton because she's learned to play their game?