Friday, December 07, 2007

A blast from the past

This isn't my normal fare, but it amused me. The Decatur Herald & Review is apparently publishing letters to the editor from 1982.

Old-style Christmas family traditions seem to be gone

What happened to the tradition of Christmas tree trimming and decorating?

When we were kids at home, we looked forward to the trimming of the tree and other decorations. Now the merchant has all the fun. The trees are all decorated, lights put on, strings of popcorn wrapped around the tree.

Mom made her favorite fudge and divinity, and we helped with the popcorn balls. Now, kids are off to the movies or down to an arcade playing those machines. Dad is propped up in front of the television watching his favorite football team.

I guess, those times are gone, but not forgotten.

Louis Woods


Playing those machines? Who the hell goes to the arcade anymore? When did people stop decorating trees - they seem to be in every window down here...

And what the heck does "Mom made her favorite fudge and divinity" even mean?

Maybe I missed something, but I'm not really free to comment.


schmidlap said...

Kids still go to arcades.

They're the best place to score meth.

I'm Not Ned said...

Divinity candy, also called white divinity fudge, is a candy from the early 1900s made with white sugar, egg whites, water and corn syrup (nuts optional). It's a fluffy white candy puff with a crisp harder outer layer. Sweet enough to make your head spin and your dentist grin.

My mother actually made us divinity and fudge at christmas time. I hate sweets.

Bah humbug.

jimbow8 said...

So the "War on Christmas" started on or before 1982?