Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

I feel a spring in my step, the birds are making a happy sound, a fresh song drifts on the wind, and all seems right with the world today. Why you ask? Oh, isn't it obvious? It's


Yes, Gen. Petraeus has spoken, he has show us the way, he has come down from the mountain to lead us to goodness and light.

You see, car bombs don't kill people, they stimulate demand in the new car market. And surely it is obvious to anyone that whether someone was killed in sectarian violence can be determined by the location of the bullet wound. It is also apparent that the president's surge-ilicious plan has calmed violence across the country rather than resulting in a de facto ethnic cleansing from mass population displacements.

I just bet that those of who who thought that Gen. Petraeus would sell his soul for a fourth star and serve up the president's tired old talking points in spreading the gospel of truth and glorious success in Iraq are feeling just a little bit silly this morning, aren't you?

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jimbow8 said...

This is SO over the top (yet true) that it's funny: