Friday, July 20, 2007

Music issues in Music City?

Shamelessly stolen from Love Boat crew member Em, who should post more here. And remember, this is the WHITE HOUSE transcript:

Q Mr. President, music is one of our largest exports the country has. Currently, every country in the world -- except China, Iran, North Korea, Rwanda and the United States -- pay a statutory royalty to the performing artists for radio and television air play. Would your administration consider changing our laws to align it with the rest of the world?

THE PRESIDENT: Help. (Laughter.) Maybe you've never had a President say this -- I have, like, no earthly idea what you're talking about. (Laughter and applause.) Sounds like we're keeping interesting company, you know? (Laughter.) Look, I'll give you the old classic: contact my office, will you? (Laughter.) I really don't -- I'm totally out of my lane. I like listening to country music, if that helps. (Laughter.)

I left the "laughter" lines in because you know they are laughing AT him. Hmmm, you visit a city known for its music industry and you KNOW NOTHING about a local concern?? Good work.


Anonymous said...

Glad I could contribute something.....and special thanks for the credit.

It scares me that the leader of the free world sounds like he's playing open mike night at Walmart.

jimbow8 said...

On the one hand, "I, like, have no earthly idea" what the guys talking about either (well, maybe a smidgeon).

But that is going to make one hell of a soundbite on all the "leftist" radio talk shows next week. I can't wait!! :)