Friday, July 06, 2007

Chalk up one for me

But "in dispute?" Please.

Published July 6, 2007*

The authenticity of a quote attributed to James Madison in a letter in the July 4 Voice of the People is in dispute.The Tribune regrets the errors.


jimbow8 said...

Yeah, they should demand a reference from Mildred directly to the letter/writing of Madison.

It's a start, though. Did they publish that in the Letters to the Editor section?

Peter said...

No, it was at the bottom of Page 2 in the front section, so nobody saw it.

The "Letters" editor responded that "there are sources that verify the quote, which were checked before publication." I asked her for the source, it was an online quote list that said it was INCORRECTLY attributed to Madison!

The "quote" is traced to David Barton, an evangelical "writer" [insert "Liar" here], who sources it to two secondary sources that do not authenticate it. Even Barton has now admitted it is false, and they ran it anyway.

schmidlap said...

It's the Tribune...we should be grateful they still believe the solar system is heliocentric.

Good on ya.

I'm Not Ned said...

"... is in dispute.The Tribune regrets the errors."

Do they not understand the definition of "dispute" or "error"? How much does an editor cost?