Saturday, June 23, 2007

And now, in this corner...

Elizabeth Pearson of Elmhurst, Illinois goves us this gem:
I don't understand why so many feel the war in Iraq unnecessary and unwinnable. It is of greater import than any we have ever been engaged in to date. While our forces fight overseas against a more ruthless enemy than we have ever known, we extend our freedoms here. More important than assisting a beleaguered country is our ability to keep our fanatical enemy engaged in lesser pursuit before it enters our shores, which it is eager to do, with more loss of life than can be imagined, far greater than our loss to date, soldier and civilian. Our enemy has successfully intimidated former allies, who shrink from our battle. The stakes have never been higher for the entire world and the goal of our warriors never more important, worthwhile and noble. If we cut and run, with our tail between our legs, we just hasten the escalation of this conflict on our shores and nuclear weapons are inevitable. Some may have to eat crow when they discover our president not so naive after all.
Wow, that is one extra-crispy bucket of stupid. How do people get like that?

We're fighting "a more ruthless enemy than we have ever known?" Hmm, a few thousand Sunni rebels and a couple renegade Shi'a militias are more "ruthless" than the Nazi Wehrmacht? And "we extend our freedoms here?" By illegal wiretapping? Declaring people to be "enemy combatants" and denying habeas corpus? By turning the Justice department in to a virtual Republican secret police?

Lizzy says we're "assisting a beleaguered country." I suppose so, if you define "assisting" as invading without cause, drstroying the infrastructure, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands, imposing a stooge government looting the natural resources and maintaining a hostile occupation.

And finally, "Some may have to eat crow when they discover our president not so naive after all." Naive? No. Stupid, incompetent, venal, cruel, soulless, mendacious, petty, shallow, etc. etc. yes, but naive? Nah. So Lizzy, in a word..

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Anonymous said...

it is hard to inderstand the fear people have today.
i am almost 58 years old so i know what "finger on the buttons" mean.
that was true fear.people just vaporized at the press of a button should be feared.but i refuse to hide from someone entering our shores to fight hand to hand.that is total chickens to fear that.has our nation turned into wimps?we invaded a country that didnot threaten us at all.that is war crimes IMHO
just in cse someone wants to try to pick apart my arguement ,i was with my father and family stationed at roosevelt roads in puerto rico during the cuban crisis,approximately 11 years old and woke one morning to understand what an invasion looked like.there was no green lawns left on our had tents,equipment and men make children notice that ,it was drastic effect. and we did notice.