Wednesday, May 09, 2007


So the Chimp is all excited - he might get to pull out his veto pen again. But remember what he's all excited about - vetoing money for his war. No matter what Congress proposes, unless they give him everything he wants, the way he wants it, he will veto. That's not "leadership", that's being a dictator.

If he won't work with anyone else, ever, then the only possibility is to get rid of him. Most presidents begin to worry about their legacy, but he continues to live in a dangerous world of delusion.

Frankly, if he doesn't want his money, that's fine. Bring the troops home, then.


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Brenda said...

I guess I don't see the downside of doing nothing. Congress sent a bill to Little bush, He (in His Holy & Most Perfect Wisdom) vetoed it, and Congress couldn't override the veto. Why is Congress obligated to send Him another bill? It seems like having no money to fund his little war would solve the problem.

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