Tuesday, May 01, 2007

One quickie from Greece

I'm sitting in an Internet cafe just above the Mykonos windmills, just after sunset. My wife just left, staying in Athens tonight and headed home tomorrow, while I'm kicking around Athens for a couple of days.

Been TOTALLY out of touch, what's new in the world? Be home Sat.

Some observations:

1) There is not a highway to hell. You do not go to hell in a handbasket. If you are going to hell, you go through Charles DeGaulle airport in Paris. My God, they should just blow that disaster up and start over.

2) Americans should not be allowed to leave the country. Period. We're dicks. God I hate it when I see Americans making asses out of themselves expecting everything to be like it is at home. If you want home--stay home.

3) It is amazing how different (and wonderfully refreshing) the international press is on TV.

4) Go to Santorini. I have never seen ANYTHING like it. Period.

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