Sunday, April 15, 2007


[Editor's note: I almost hate to post something to move Doc's wonderful piece below down.]

Alberto Gonzalez said ""I have nothing to hide," in a statement released Sunday.

Really, Al? Then why are all those emails missing? Why did your various stories keep changing? Why did your White House LIE-ason become the first Justice Department official (why a 33-year old from Pat Robertson's "law school" was in such a high position in the Justice department is another story, one that pisses off those of us who went to real law schools) in history to plead the 5th, which is a virtual admission of criminality?

And that whole torture thing...

The sad and frightening part is that he really DOESN'T have anything to hide, because he and this administration have been so brazen with their lawlessness, they flaunt their criminality.

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