Thursday, March 08, 2007

From the "Well duh" file

Here's the front page headline in this morning's Chicago Tribune:

Iranian influence soaring in Iraq
Shiites, Sunnis say Tehran is winner of U.S. invasion

Gosh, who could have seen that coming? I mean, besides your average college sophomore in an intro-level middle eastern history class? I found the quote below particularly disturbing:
America handed Iraq to Iran on a golden plate," says Sunni politician Saleh al-Mutlaq. "Everything Iran fought for in the Iran-Iraq war, America gave to it when it invaded."


I'm not Ned said...

I'm sure this was part of Bush and Rumsfelds master plan. This is step 4 in the process to open the gates of Hell and release Cheney's master upon the world. And you silly people thought Bush was a Christian? Didn't you notice all the lies, bribes, gay porn, torture and drugs?

Ok, a bit more serious...

9 the 11 gave Bush the opertunity to attack Afghanistan and build a house of lies on which to base an invasion into Iraq. The Gulf War was a very popular event and Bush wanted to bask in similar glory. But he failed faster than he did his freshman courses at Yale. So how do you save face? Let Iran move in! Now you have a new enemy to blame and direct you army and money against. Better yet, you have the full support of the Sunni supporting Saudis! Bush will be able to re-write history and declare the Iraq debacle a war between Al Qaeda and Iran with the US helping Saudi Arabia solve the whole problem.

The end result? Hundreds of thousands more Muslims will die and very few Americans will understand what happened. Exactly as planned.

The G said...

Here's an interesting spin on what's going on in Iraq, from one who said, I aint goin' back!