Friday, March 30, 2007

Follow up question

to Texas State Senator Dan Patrick, who is proposing that the government pay women $500 if they give a child up for adoption instead of having an abortion.

Senator Patrick - How much money will you give to the parents who adopt that child, or any of the many children who need adopting but will grow up in foster care, or any of the children who grow up with one parent, or in poverty, or who are at risk for disease, or crime, or violence? How much money would you withhold from a President killing thousands of people in the name of ego and idiocy? How much money will you contribute to medical research that could save or immeasurably improve millions of lives? How much money will you allocate to people working to ameliorate the damages done to our environment by our civilization? How much money will you give to schools? To the un- or under-insured? To the elderly who can't find jobs to support themselves and still need to work at 70?

How about this - when you and your party begin caring about the living, call me.


jimbow8 said...

There's a post and some interesting topics on this over at C&L.

My questions:

Who is paying the $500, the taxpayer?

Does one have to prove that she was going to abort? What's to stop a woman with a planned pregnancy from claiming she was going to abort and claiming $500?

That's just one possible form of abuse of many.

schmidlap said...

Another thought: what happens after the first woman who takes the money dies during childbirth?

Or delivers a child with profound developmental disabilities?

How far is that $500 going to go then?