Saturday, February 03, 2007

As if you needed another reason

WASHINGTON - Even talking football, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice speaks diplomatically.

She made clear Friday that she wants the Indianapolis Colts to win Sunday's Super Bowl over the Chicago Bears, but her words were measured.

During a photo opportunity to tell Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov goodbye, the two refused to answer questions about the Middle East situation, the subject of Lavrov's visit. Then, as they turned away, a reporter asked Rice to forecast the Super Bowl outcome.

"I really like both Chicago and Indianapolis, but I think Indianapolis is going to win it," she said. Then, as if it were an afterthought, she added: "And that would be a good thing."

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Peter said...

That does it--Bears win. Given this administration's track record of being wrong on EVERYTHING, thanks for the Colt pick, Condi!