Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Has anyone seen my (lap)dog?

(London) "We need to recognise that a central element of foreign policy - the intervention in Iraq--has failed in its objectives so badly that the threat to this country is actually greater than it was before it began." (Conservative MP David Cameron)

The article further notes that, according to Mr. Cameron, "the threat to Britain was bigger now than prior to the war, was a statement of fact."

Nice work, guys.

One interesting sidebar in the piece is that the British politicos are becoming a might peeved as being seen as Bush's lapdogs. A Conservative party policy group reported that
"British interests would `always be best served in partnership with America,' but the relationship must be put on a `proper footing'. We should recognise that we will find it difficult to serve our interests, or those of America, if we are regarded as their mute partner in every foreign undertaking."

Good luck with that.

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